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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 28

Warszawa 1975

Spis treści

E. GrosswaldArithmetical functions with periodic zeros1-21
L. Schoenfeld
B. Berndt
Periodic analogues of the Euler-Maclaurin and Poisson summation formulas with applications to number theory23-68
D. HensleyAn asymptotic inequality concerning primes in contours for the case of quadratic number fields69-79
J. ByrnesA partition problem of Frobenius, II81-87
Я. МозерО точках перегиба функции Z(t)89-99
R. HallSome properties of the sequence {p -1}101-105
H. Richert
H. Halberstam
Addendum and Corrigendum to the paper "Mean value theorems for a class of arithmetic functions"107-110
L. WashingtonClass numbers of elliptic function fields and the distribution of prime numbers111-114
A. BolourBounds on the number of integer valued monotone functions of k integer arguments115-127
R. HallThe divisors of integers II129-136
J. WójcikA purely algebraic proof of special cases of Tchebotarev's theorem137-145
J. OlsonSums of sets of group elements147-156
V. EnnolaA note on a cyclotomic diophantine equation157-159
A. SchinzelOn linear dependence of roots161-176
E. BombieriOn twin almost primes177-193
K. SzymiczekQuadratic forms over fields with finite square class number195-221
. Errata222-222
J. SmithRopresentability by certain norm forms over algebraic number fields223-227
L. RichmondThe moments of partitions, II229-243
H. HagedornSieve methods and polynomial sequences245-252
C. CordesKaplanaky's radical and quadratic forms over non-real fields253-261
T. TatuzawaFourier analysis used in analytic number theory263-272
J. CohnThe Diophantine equation y^2 = Dx^4 + 1, II273-275
K. PracharÜber den Primzahlsatz von A. Selberg277-297
B. BerndtOn Eisenstein series with characters and the values of Dirichlet L-functions299-320
H. NiederreiterQuantitative versions of a result of Hecke in the theory of uniform distribution mod 1321-339
R. HudsonA bound for the first k-1 consecutive k-th power non-residues (mod p)341-343
. Errata to the paper: Craig M. Cordes, Kaplansky's radical and quadratic forms over non real fields (pp. 251-261)344-344
S. SegalOn an identity between infinite series of arithmetic functions345-348
R. StonehamNormal recurring decimals, normal periodic systems, (j, ε) - normality, and normal numbers349-361
Я. МозерО некоторых арифметических средних в теории дзета-функции Римана363-377
W. PhilippA conjecture of Erdös on continued fractions379-386
C. PomeranceOn composite n for which φ(n) | n -1387-389
J. FriedlanderOn the class numbers of certain quadratic extensions391-393
A. FujiiOn the zeros of Dirichlet L-functions (V)395-403
P. Erdös
K. Ramachandra
G. Jogesh Babu
An asymptotic formula in additive number theory405-412
S. Chowla
J. Friedlander
Some remarks on L-functions and class numbers413-417
H. LangÜber einfache periodische Kettenbrüche und Vormutungen von P. Chowla und S. Chowla419-428
F. Cater
R. Crittenden
C. Eynden
The distribution of sequences modulo one429-432
H. SargesEine Anwendung des Selbergschen Siebes auf algebraische Zahlkörper433-455
E. BombieriCorrigendum to my paper "On twin almost primes" and an addendum on Selberg's sieve457-461

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