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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 38

Warszawa 1981

Spis treści

G. TenenbaumLois de répartition des diviseurs, 21-36
R. EvansBioctic Gauss sums and sixteenth power residue difference sets37-46
D. Bertrand
Y. Flicker
Linear forms on abelian varieties over local fields47-61
M. HuxleyA note on large gaps between prime numbers63-68
W. GrotzEinige Anwendungen der Siegelschen Summenformel69-95
A. RockettThe metrical theory of continued fractions to the nearer integer97-103
M. HirschhornOn the residue mod 2 and mod 4 of p(n)105-109
W. Vélez
M. Norris
Structure theorems for radical extensions of fields111-115
K. StolarskyIntegers whose multiples have anomalous digital frequencies117-128
H. Williams
M. Newman
D. Shanks
Simple groups of square order and interesting sequence of primes129-140
K. ThanigasalamOn Waring's problem141-155
K. Ramachandra
M. Narlikar
Contributions to the Erdös-Szemerédi theory of sieved integers157-165
J. HoffsteinOn the Siegel-Tatuzawa theorem167-174
E. ScourfieldOn the coprimality of certain multiplicative functions175-195
H. Niederreiter
J. Shiue
Equidistribution of linear recurring sequences in finite fields, II197-207
J. HinzEine Erweiterung des nullstellenfreien Bereiches der Heckeschen Zetafunktion und Primideale in Idealklassen209-254
J. BorelQuelques résultats d'équirépartition liés aux nombres premiers généralisés de Beurling255-272
R. BalasubramanianA note on Dirichlet's L-functions273-283
A. SchinzelOn the relation between two conjectures on polynomials285-322
L. Schoenfeld
B. Berndt
Corrigendum to the paper "Periodic analogues of the Euler-Maclaurin and Poisson summation formulas with applications to number theory"323-323
I. Luthar
S. Gogia
Norms from certain extensions of F_q(T)325-340
T. OkadaOn an extension of a theorem of S. Chowla341-345
A. GoodOn the distribution of the values of Riemann's Zeta-function347-388
F. BeukersOn the generalized Ramanujan-Nagell equation I389-410
M. KulaFields with non-trivial Kaplansky's radical and finite square class number411-418

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