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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 40

Warszawa 1981

Spis treści

J. Carroll
H. Kisilevsky
On Iwasawa's λ-invariant for certain Z_l-extensions1-8
K. HatadaOn the rationality of periods of primitive forms9-40
A. FujiiAn additive problem in the theory of numbers41-50
R. Sitaramachandrarao
P. Krishnaiah
Restricted sums of reciprocal values of additive functions51-61
G. Jogesh BabuOn the mean values and distributions of arithmetic functions63-77
Я. МозерО корнях уравнения Z'(t)=079-89
J. LagrangeSix entiers dont les sommes deux à deux sont des carrés91-96
Я. МозерИсправление к работам: Acta Arith. 31 (1976), стр. 31-43; 31(1976), стр. 45-51; 35 (1979), стр. 403-40497-107
L. WashingtonThe derivative of p-adic L-functions109-115
M. DodsonSome estimates for diagonal equations over p-adic fields117-124
Т. ВепхвадзеК одной формуле Зигеля125-142
T. OkadaOn a certain infinite series for a periodic arithmetical function143-153
J. WójcikContributions to the theory of Kummer extensions155-174
C. SnyderKummer congruences for the coefficients of Hurwitz series175-191
T. Shorey
J. Parnami
Subsequences of binary recursive sequenees193-196
G. Rhin
E. Dubois
Meilleures approximations d'une forme linéaire cubique197-208
R. SimpsonOn a conjecture of R. L. Graham209-211
J. EwellOn the counting function for sums of two squares213-215
L. ParsonOn the invariants of the Hecke groups217-227
D. Hayes
M. Nutt
Reflective functions on p-adic fields229-248
F. RoeslerÜber die Verteilung der Primzahlen in Folgen der Form (f(n+x)), II249-253
A. PollingtonOn generalised arithmetic and geometric progressions255-262
D. GoldstonOn a result of Littlewood concerning prime numbers263-271
B. RichterEin Sonderfall der diophantischen Gleichung (x^α - (±1)^α)/(x ∓ 1) = z^α273-288
K. Williams
P. Kaplan
On the class numbers of Q(√±2p) modulo 16, for p ≡ 1 (mod 8) a prime289-296
G. GreavesA weighted sieve of Brun's type297-332
C. SmythConjugate algebraic numbers on conics333-346
J. Parnami
A. Rajwade
A new cubic character sum347-356
Я. МозерНовые оценки коротких тригонометрических сумм357-367
K. GyőryOn some arithmetical properties of Lucas and Lehmer numbers369-373
K. Williams
P. Kaplan
Congruences modulo 16 for the class numbers of the quadratic fields Q(ñp) and Q(ñ2p) for p a prime congruent to 5 modulo 8375-397
A. SchinzelFamilies of curves having each an integer point399-420
. Conspectus materiae tomorum XXXI-XL (1976-1982)421-441

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