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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 47

Warszawa 1987

Spis treści

H. HayashiOn index formulas of Siegel units in a ring class field1-11
D. BoydOn linear recurrence relations satisfied by Pisot sequences13-27
D. Heath-BrownThe divisor function d_3(n) in arithmetic progressions29-56
J. Galambos
P. Szüsz
On the distribution of multiplicative arithmetical functions57-62
C. PomeranceOn the distribution of the values of Euler's function63-70
G. GreavesThe weighted linear sieve and Selberg's λ^2-method71-96
M. Mignotte
M. Waldschmidt
F. Gramain
Valeurs algébriques de fonctions analytiques97-121
B. Berndt
R. Evans
Chapter 15 of Ramanujan's Second Notebook: Part 2, Modular forms123-142
E. Brown
D. Shapiro
R. Markanda
Some euclidean properties for real quadratic fields143-152
K. IimuraOn the l-rank of ideal class groups of certain number fields153-166
B. Brindza
R. Mason
LeVeque's superelliptic equation over function fields167-173
J. SchifferDiscrepancy of normal numbers175-186
M. EichlerDas wissenschaftliche Werk von Max Deuring187-190
. Liste des Publikationen von Max Deuring191-192
R. BakerThe greatest prime factor of the integers in an interval193-231
J. EvertseOn equations in two S-units over function fields of characteristic 0233-253
G. Mullen
D. White
A polynomial representation for logarithms in GF(q)255-261
K. Williams
K. Hardy
A congruence relating to class number of complex quadratic fields263-276
A. SchinzelReducibility of lacunary polynomials, VI277-293
A. SchinzelCorrigendum to the paper "On the arithmetical theory of continued fractions,II", Acta Arith.7 (1962), pp. 287-298295-295
G. BantleAn asymptotic formula for B-twins297-312
U. RauschGeometrische Reihen in algebraischen Zahlkörpern313-345
A. Rockett
P. Szusz
A localization theorem in the theory of Diophantine approximation and an application to Pell's equation347-350
T. MeurmanA generalization of Atkinson's formula to L-functions351-370
P. DebesG-fonctions et theoreme d'irreductibilite de Hilbert371-402

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