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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 48

Warszawa 1987

Spis treści

R. Sitaramachandrarao
J. De Koninck
Sums involving the largest prime divisor of an integer1-8
Y. Hellegouarch
D. Mc Quillan
R. Paysant-Le Roux
Unités de certains sous-anneaux des corps de fonctions algébriques9-47
N. KurokawaOn certain Euler products49-52
J. HorbowiczOn well distribution modulo 1 and systems of numeration53-62
R. Gold
N. Childress
Zeros of p-adic L-functions63-71
M. Berger
A. Felzenbaum
A. Fraenkel
Necessary condition for the existence of an incongruent covering system with odd moduli II73-79
P. Barrucand
F. Laubie
Sur les symboles des restes quadratiques des discriminants81-88
R. SitaramachandraraoAn integral involving the remainder term in the Piltz divisor problem89-92
H. AbbottOn sum-free sequences93-96
K. ThanigasalamImprovement on Davenport's iterative method and new results in additive number theory III97-116
W. YuanBounds for solutions of additive equations in an algebraic number field I117-144
M. CarThéorèmes de densité dans F_q[X]145-165
K. MatsumotoDiscrepancy estimates for the value-distribution of the Riemann zeta-function I167-190
D. BoydPisot sequences which satisfy no linear recurrence II191-195
R. TichyEin metrischer Satz über vollständig gleichverteilte Folgen197-207
A. HildebrandQuantitative mean value theorems for nonnegative multiplicative functions II209-260
Y. AlemuOn zeros of diagonal forms over p-adic fields261-273
D. BerendActions of sets of integers on irrationals275-306
W. YuanBounds for solutions of additive equations in an algebraic number field II307-323
R. SitaramachandraraoDedekind and Hardy sums325-340
R. Mollin
C. Small
K. Varadarajan
P. Walsh
On unit solutions of the equation xyz = x+y+z in the ring of integers of a quadratic field341-345
J. KaczorowskiOn sign-changes in the remainder-term of the prime-number formula, III347-371
E. SeimerOn Waring's problem for squares373-377
T. Shorey
R. Tijdeman
K. Győry
J. Evertse
Equal values of binary forms at integral points379-396
B. BrindzaOn S-integral solutions of the Catalan equation397-412

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