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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 6

Warszawa 1960

Spis treści

W. StaśÜber einige Abschätzungen in Idealklassen1-10
L. MoserOn the representation of 1,2,..., n by sums11-13
D. Lehmer
E. Lehmer
On the cubes of Kloosterman sums15-22
S. KnapowskiOn new "explicit formulas" in prime number theory II23-35
J. PitmanDavenport's constant for indefinite binary quadratic forms37-46
J. CasselsOn a diophantine equation47-52
A. WhitemanThe cyclotomic numbers of order twelve53-76
P. ErdösRemarks on number theory III. On addition chains77-81
P. Erdös
A. Rényi
Additive properties of random sequences of positive integers83-110
D. Lehmer
S. Selberg
A sum involving the function of Möbius111-114
. ERRATA. Acta Arithmetica VI (1960)114-114
A. WalfiszÜber Gitterpunkte in mehrdimensionalen Kugeln II115-136
L. MordellOn a Pellian equation conjecture137-144
S. Chowla
N. Ankeny
A note on the class number of real quadratic fields145-147
L. CarlitzCongruence properties of certain polynomial sequences149-158
E. CohenOn the average number of direct factors of a finite abelian group159-173
L. RubelAn Abelian theorem for number-theoretic sums175-177
S. Hartman
P. Szüsz
On congruence classes of denominators of convergents179-184
B. GyiresOn a generalization of Wilson's theorem185-191
A. WalfiszÜber Gitterpunkte in mehrdimensionalen Kugeln III193-215
S. LubelskiUnpublished results on number theory I. Quadratic forms in a Euclidean ring (Edited by C. Schogt)217-224
G. LomadseÜber die Darstellung der Zahlen durch einige ternäre quadratische Formen225-275
O. FomenkoOn the problem of Gauss277-284
T. KubotaLocal relation of Gauss sums285-294
E. FogelsOn the existence of primes in short arithmetical progressions295-311
W. StaśÜber die Dichte der Nullstellen der Dirichletschen L-Funktionen313-323
O. FomenkoOn the distribution with respect to a prime modulus of the products of primes with a given value of a character325-332
K. Mahler
D. Lewis
On the representation of integers by binary forms333-363
K. NortonRemarks on the number of factors of an odd perfect number365-374
L. CarlitzCriteria for Kummer's congruences375-391
A. SchinzelOn some problems of the arithmetical theory of continued fractions393-413
S. KnapowskiContributions to the theory of the distribution of prime numbers in arithmetical progressions I415-434
W. StaśÜber die Umkehrung eines Satzes von Ingham435-446
R. StemmlerThe easier Waring problem in algebraic number fields447-468
W. SierpińskiRemarques sur le travail de M.J.W.S. Cassels "On a diophantine equation"469-471
P. Erdös
A. Schinzel
Distributions of the values of some arithmetical functions473-485
K. Chandrasekharan
R. Narasimhan
Hecke's functional equation and the average order of arithmetical functions487-503
S. Chowla
H. Davenport
On Weyl's inequality and Waring's problem for cubes505-521
L. RubelCorrection to "An Abelian theorem for number-theoretic sums"523-523

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