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Acta Arithmetica

Tom 9

Warszawa 1964

Spis treści

H. DavenportL.J. Mordell3-12
. Publications of L. J. Mordell13-22
P. Turán
S. Knapowski
Further developments in the comparative prime-number theory I23-40
P. Erdös
C. Rogers
The star number of coverings of space with convex bodies41-45
E. Dade
O. Taussky
On different in orders in an algebraic number field and special units connected with it47-51
H. CohnOn theta functions for certain quadratic fields53-66
L. CarlitzFunctions and polynomials (mod pn)67-78
J. CasselsOn the representation of rational functions as sums of squares79-82
M. Newman
J. Smart
Symplectic modulary groups83-89
J. Mikusiński
A. Schinzel
Sur la réductibilité de certains trinômes91-95
H. RademacherSome remarks on certain generalized Dedekind sums97-105
A. Schinzel
H. Davenport
D. Lewis
Polynomials of certain special types107-116
R. BaerGroups with minimum condition117-132
P. Du ValOn certain elliptic functions of order three133-147
P. Erdös
H. Heilbronn
On the addition of residue classes mod p149-159
R. RankinDifference sets161-168
B. BirchWaring's problem for p-adic number fields169-176
P. Erdös
E. Straus
L. Rubel
B. Gordon
Tauberian theorems for sum sets177-189
H. Zassenhaus
R. Bambah
C. Rogers
On coverings with convex domains191-207
W. LeVequeOn the equation y^m=f(x)209-219
A. OppenheimThe rational integral solution of the equation a(x³+y³)=b(u³+v³) and allied Diophantine equations221-226
T. NagellSur quelques catégories d'équations diophantiennes résolubles par des identités227-235
J. ChalkA local criterion for the covering of space by convex bodies237-243
T. NakayamaClass group of cohomologically trivial modules and cyclotomic ideals245-256
K. RothRemark concerning integer sequences257-260
H. Swinnerton-DyerRational zeros of two quadratic forms261-270
G. PallSimultaneous representation by adjoint quadratic forms271-284
K. InkeriOn Catalan's problem285-290
B. BirchDiagonal equations over p-adic fields291-300
P. MullenderSome remarks on a method of Mordell in the Geometry of Numbers301-304
E. HlawkaTrigonometrische Interpolation bei Funktionen von mehreren Variablen305-320
V. JarníkZur Gitterpunktlehre von mehrdimensionalen Ellipsoiden321-329
R. RadoUniversal graphs and universal functions331-340
P. Erdös
A. Ingham
Arithmetical Tauberian theorems341-356
R. BrauerOn certain classes of positive definite quadratic forms357-364
E. Grosswald
P. Bateman
On Epstein's zeta function365-373
M. Barban
Y. Linnik
N. Tshudakov
On prime numbers in an arithmetic progression with a prime-power difference375-390
A. OstrowskiOn n-dimensional additive moduli and Diophantine approximations391-416
S. ChowlaRemark on two theorems of Siegel417-418
H. HasseÜber den Klassenkörper zum quadratischen Zahlkörper mit der Diskriminante - 47419-434

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