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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 62

Warszawa-Wrocław 1991

Spis treści

M. BalcerzakOn C-sets and products of ideals1-6
J. TkadlecPartially additive states on orthomodular posets7-14
A. RotkiewiczOn the diophantine equation x^2p + y^2p = z^p15-19
J. BorelSur certains sous-groupes de R liés à la suites des factorielles21-30
W. ŻelazkoOn a problem of Fell and Doran31-37
A. WesołowskiOn certain univalence criteria39-42
J. MierczyńskiA class of strongly cooperative systems without compactness43-47
S. AskhabovIntegral equations of convolution type with power nonlinearity49-65
T. KörnerA Helson set of uniqueness but not of synthesis67-71
K. Merryfield
S. Watson
A local algebra structure for H^p of the polydisc73-79
J. CastilloOn the structure of G-spaces81-90
M. Lin
R. Sine
Contractive projections on the fixed point set of L∞ contractions91-96
R. SatoA note on the almost everywhere convergence of alternating sequences with Dunford–Schwartz operators97-101
R. DeszczOn four-dimensional Riemannian warped product manifolds satisfying certain pseudo-symmetry curvature conditions103-120
M. Moszyńska
I. Herburt
On metric products121-133
C. BorgesAre EC-spaces AE(metrizable)?135-143
J. VrabecPolyhedral quotient spaces145-151
A. Fel'shtynThe Reidemeister zeta function and the computation of the Nielsen zeta function153-166
G. LevinOn Pommerenke’s inequality for the eigenvalues of fixed points167-177
. Problèmes Remarques et réponses179-179
P. IversonThe number of countable isomorphism types of complete extensions of the theory of Boolean algebras181-187
J. Pawlikowski
A. Laradji
On a problem of saturation of certain reduced direct products189-191
M. LeA note on primes p with σ(^pm) = z^n193-196
A. KharazishviliSome problems in measure theory197-220
I. RecławSome additive properties of special sets of reals221-226
S. Krantz
D. Chang
Holomorphic Lipschitz functions and application to the ∂-problem227-256
G. TravagliniRepresentations of Jordan algebras and special functions257-266
F. Ruiz
J. Torrea
Vector-valued Calderón–Zygmund theory applied to tent spaces267-277
J. Mycielski
M. Kuczma
V. Faber
Some models of plane geometries and a functional equation279-281
W. RoterSome indefinite metrics and covariant derivatives of their curvature tensors283-292
H. EndoOn K-contact Riemannian manifolds with vanishing E-contact Bochner curvature tensor293-297
S. Ewert-KrzemieniewskiOn conformally birecurrent Ricci-recurrent manifolds299-312
F. Defever
R. Deszcz
A note on geodesic mappings of pseudosymmetric Riemannian manifolds313-319
V. TzannesA note on countable connected locally connected Urysohn almost regular spaces321-323
K. KawamuraOn a compactification of the homeomorphism group of the pseudo-arc325-330
J. StrelcynThe "coexistence problem" for conservative dynamical systems: a review331-345
Ł. StettnerInvariant measures of the pair: state, approximate filtering process347-351
W. Kordecki
T. Łuczak
On random subsets of projective spaces353-356

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