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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 64

Warszawa-Wrocław 1993

Spis treści

. Stanisław Hartman (1914–1992)1-2
F. Montana
R. Arocena
On a general bidimensional extrapolation problem3-12
E. Dobrowolski
T. Januszkiewicz
Arithmetic of an elliptic curve and circle actions on four-manifolds13-18
B. Węglorz
A. Morawiec
Prenormality of ideals and completeness of their quotient algebras19-27
S. Dragomir
M. Capursi
On manifolds admitting metrics which are locally conformal to cosymplectic metrics: their canonical foliations, Boothby–Wang fiberings, and real homology type29-40
W. MłotkowskiType-dependent positive definite functions on free products of groups41-54
J. GórnickiA fixed point theorem for asymptotically regular mappings55-57
J. RatajskiOn the Betti numbers of the real part of a three-dimensional torus embedding59-64
N. Khue
L. Hai
N. Nga
Weak meromorphic extension65-70
G. PlebanekOn Pettis integrals with separable range71-78
V. Trnková
W. Lampe
J. Sichler
Homomorphisms of unary algebras and of their expansions79-92
P. HajłaszChange of variables formula under minimal assumptions93-101
S. ThangaveluOn conjugate Poisson integrals and Riesz transforms for the Hermite expansions103-113
D. Petz
C. Cecchini
Chain rules for canonical state extensions on von Neumann algebras115-119
S. Vági
A. Gatto
On the exponential integrability of fractional integrals on spaces of homogeneous type121-127
P. KomjáthVector sets with no repeated differences129-134
S. ZhouA note on lacunary approximation on [−1, 1]135-140
W. RosickiOn embeddability of cones in euclidean spaces141-147
J. NamaziA class of Fourier series149-151
A. CaruthA short proof of Krull’s intersection theorem153-154
W. Seredyński
J. Świątkowski
A certain property of abelian groups155-158
U. DarjiA Sierpiński–Zygmund function which has a perfect road at each point159-162
U. DarjiUniformly completely Ramsey sets163-171
U. Ki
M. Kon
Contact CR-submanifolds with parallel mean curvature vector of a Sasakian space form173-184
Y. TiraşIntegral closures of ideals in the Rees ring185-191
J. DudekA characterization of modular lattices193-201
L. Fernández
M. Fernández
J. Cabrerizo
On normal CR-submanifolds of S-manifolds203-214
J. DziubańskiOn semigroups generated by subelliptic operators on homogeneous groups215-231
N. KaltonOn vector-valued inequalities for Sidon sets and sets of interpolation233-244
S. Díaz MadrigalOn Schwartz’s C-spaces and Orlicz’s O-spaces245-251
M. GewertExistence and uniqueness of solutions of multipoint boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations253-264
X. Wu
S. Zhou
A counterexample in comonotone approximation in L^p space265-274
E. HanineÉquations diophantiennes modulo p^2275-286
P. Hajłasz
P. Strzelecki
On the differentiability of solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations287-291
L. ChenSingular integrals with highly oscillating kernels on the product domains293-302
K. HareTame L^p -multipliers303-314

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