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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 65

Warszawa-Wrocław 1993

Spis treści

A. IllanesThe space of Whitney levels is homeomorphic to l_21-11
P. ZieschangA theorem of O’Nan for finite linear spaces13-24
B. Lalli
B. Zhang
Oscillation of difference equations25-32
H. EndoOn an extended contact Bochner curvature tensor on contact metric manifolds33-41
A. SersouriSome properties of the Pisier–Xu interpolation spaces43-50
L. BrandoliniFourier transform of characteristic functions and Lebesgue constants for multiple Fourier series51-59
M. Insall
D. Grow
An extremal set of uniqueness?61-64
S. Graham
M. Filaseta
An estimate for the number of reducible Bessel polynomials of bounded degree65-68
S. Montgomery-Smith
N. Asmar
Littlewood–Paley theory on solenoids69-82
S. KahaneFinite union of H-sets and countable compact sets83-86
P. de la Harpe
A. Robertson
A. Valette
On the spectrum of the sum of generators of a finitely generated group, II87-102
G. TravagliniPolyhedral summability of multiple Fourier series (and explicit formulas for Dirichlet kernels on T^n and on compact Lie groups)103-116
S. Lu
D. Yang
Some new Hardy spaces on locally compact Vilenkin groups117-138
R. DeszczCurvature properties of certain compact pseudosymmetric manifolds139-147
K. NowakSome eigenvalue estimates for wavelet related Toeplitz operators149-156
H. Hudzik
Z. Zbąszyniak
Smooth points of Musielak–Orlicz sequence spaces equipped with the Luxemburg norm157-164
O. AlasMore topological cardinal inequalities165-168
S. Reich
R. Bruck
T. Kuczumow
Convergence of iterates of asymptotically nonexpansive mappings in Banach spaces with the uniform Opial property169-179
K. TakanoOn fibred Sasakian spaces with vanishing contact Bochner curvature tensor181-200
A. Sárközy
P. Erdös
Some solved and unsolved problems in combinatorial number theory, II201-211
P. WalczakJacobi operator for leaf geodesics213-226
M. LeLower bounds for the solutions in the second case of Fermat’s equation with prime power exponents227-229
W. HebischMultiplier theorem on generalized Heisenberg groups231-239
N. JacobExamples of non-local time dependent or parabolic Dirichlet spaces241-253
F. Halter-KochFactorization problems in class number two255-265
K. GyőrySome applications of decomposable form equations to resultant equations267-275
W. DobrowolskaBounds for Chern classes of semistable vector bundles on complex projective spaces277-290
S. KamoSome remarks about Mycielski ideals291-299
P. Barrucand
S. Louboutin
Minoration au point 1 des fonctions L attachées a des caractères de Dirichlet301-306
J. NicolasPropriétés arithmétiques de certains nombres Eulériens307-320

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