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Colloquium Mathematicum

Tom 67

Warszawa-Wrocław 1994

Spis treści

W. Ricker
S. Okada
Compactness properties of vector-valued integration maps in locally convex spaces1-14
G. LettlNote on the Galois module structure of quadratic extensions15-19
J. MierczyńskiUniqueness for a class of cooperative systems of ordinary differential equations21-23
V. JhaOn Krasnér’s theorem for the first case of Fermat’s last theorem25-31
E. GranirerOn convolution operators with small support which are far from being convolution by a bounded measure33-60
C. KalfaSome decidable theories with finitely many covers which are decidable and algorithmically found61-67
P. DaszkiewiczA note on tolerance stable dynamical systems69-72
A. GębarowskiDoubly warped products with harmonic Weyl conformal curvature tensor73-89
S. Yaprak
R. Deszcz
Curvature properties of Cartan hypersurfaces91-98
Z. HuEquivalent characterizations of Bloch functions99-108
L. Saloff-CosteConvergence to equilibrium and logarithmic Sobolev constant on manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded below109-121
A. KharazishviliSmall sets with respect to certain classes of topologies123-129
J. SołowiejThe Fatou theorem for NA groups — a negative result131-145
K. HareThe support of a function with thin spectrum147-154
P. BanSome remarks on holomorphic extension in infinite dimensions155-159
J. KawabeConvergence of compound probability measures on topological spaces161-176
L. Zsilinszky
J. Tóth
On the class of functions having infinite limit on a given set177-180
E. LigockaOn the injectivity of the generalized Bers projection and its Fréchet derivative181-186
T. PezdaCycles of polynomials in algebraically closed fields of positive characteristic187-195
P. Auscher
A. ter Elst
D. Robinson
On positive Rockland operators197-216
P. HajłaszA Sard type theorem for Borel mappings217-221
J. González-Dávila
L. Vanhecke
Geodesic spheres and isometric flows223-240
J. Blasco
C. Ivorra
On dyadic spaces and almost Milyutin spaces241-244
D. ArmitageRadial limits of superharmonic functions in the plane245-252
M. FugarolasCompactness in approximation spaces253-262
D. BoichuAnalyse 2-microlocale et développement en série de chirps d’une fonction de Riemann et de ses généralisations263-280
H. ZakeriAn application of modules of generalized fractions to grades of ideals and Gorenstein rings281-288
W. ŻelazkoOn strongly closed subalgebras of B(X)289-295
D. Hilhorst
P. Biler
T. Nadzieja
Existence and nonexistence of solutions for a model of gravitational interaction of particles, II297-308
H. Kim
S. Ahn
M. Kon
Sectional curvatures of minimal hypersurfaces immersed in S^(2n+1)309-315

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