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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 100

Warszawa 1978

Spis treści

. Index alphabétique des tomes XCI-C (1976-1978)
. One Hundred Volumes of "Fundamenta Mathematicae" The Editors Note1-8
D. CenzerParametric inductive definitions and recursive operators over the continuum9-15
T. PorterStability of algebraic inverse systems, I Stability, weak stability and the weakly-stable socle17-33
H. GonshorEnlargements of Boolean algebras and Stone spaces35-39
J. ValentineThe Menelaus Property characterizes real rotund Baňách spaces41-44
T. ŚwiątkowskiProperties of a function of E. Marczewski45-49
P. ZbierskiAxiomatizability of second order arithmetic with w-rule51-57
Y. Kodama
S. Spież
T. Watanabe
On shape of hyperspaces59-67
C. LeeAn analogue of the theorem of Hake-Alexandroff-Looman69-74
J. Valentine
L. Loveland
Metric criteria for Baňách and Euclidean spaces75-81
K. SakaiAn embedding theorem of infinite-dimensional manifold pairs in the model space83-87
S. GaravagliaHomology with equationally compact coefficients89-95
C. BorgesDirect sums of stratifiable spaces97-99
K. Podewski
M. Ziegler
Stable graphs101-107
Р. ГуревичОбщая точка зрения на λ-дендроиды и теоремы о неподвижных точках109-118
H. BellA fixed point theorem for plane homeomorphisms119-128
R. PolNote on. decompositions of metrizable spaces II129-143
A. KanamoriSome combinatorics involving ultrafilters145-155
P. SimonAn example of maximal connected Hausdorff space157-163
Z. BaloghRelative compactness and recent common generalizations of metric and locally compact spaces165-177
M. Laczkovich
G. Petruska
On the transformers of derivatives179-199
J. RaymondLa structure borélienne d'Effros est-elle standard?201-210
D. SimsonOn pure semi-simple Grothendieck categories I211-222
I. Juhász
W. Weiss
On a problem of Sikorski223-227
J. Charatonik
Z. Grabowski
Homotopically fixed arcs and the contractibility of dendroids229-237
Z. RakowskiConcerning decompositions of continua239-246

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