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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 103

Warszawa 1979

Spis treści

B. TomaszewskiOn weakly n-dimensional spaces1-8
R. AlienEquivariant maps of Zp-actions into polyhedra9-22
R. AlienEquivariant embeddings of Zp- actions in euclidean space23-30
S. NowakSome remarks concerning the fundamental dimension of the cartesian product of two compacta31-41
E. RobinsonA characterization of certain branched coverings as group actions43-45
J. RoitmanAdding a random or a Cohen real: topological consequences and the effect on Martin's axiom47-60
W. IngramHereditarily indecomposable tree-like continua61-64
J. CowlesThe theory of Archimedean real closed fields in logics with Ramsey quantifiers65-76
P. CohenPartition generation of scales77-82
W. SchwabhäuserNon-finitizability of a weak second-order theory83-102
E. van Douwen
M. Wage
Small subsets of first countable spaces103-110
G. SacksEffective bounds on Morley rank111-121
T. HoshinaCountable-points compactifications for metric spaces123-132
M. PouzetChaînes de théories universelles133-149
J. van MillThe superextension of the closed unit interval is homeomorphic to the Hilbert cube151-175
S. SinghAn R-stable ANR which is not .FR-stable177-182
L. MarcusAn expansion of an N0-categorical model183-188
A. EhrenfeuchtHomomorphisms of direct powers of algebras189-203
J. Paris
G. Mills
Closure properties of countable non-standard integers205-215
S. PapastavridisA necessary condition for embedding a complex in S2k+2217-222
T. McLaughlinRetraceable homogeneous sets223-229

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