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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 104

Warszawa 1979

Spis treści

T. WatanabeOn spaces which have the shape of compact metric spaces1-11
J. Guthrie
M. Henry
Metrization, paracompactness, and real-valued functions π13-20
L. HuschIntersections of ANR's21-26
M. VelSuperextensions and Lefsehetz fixed point structures27-42
K. AlsterSome remarks on Eberlein compacts43-46
A. GraingerFinite points of filters in infinite dimensional vector spaces47-67
R. McCoyThe open-cover topology on function spaces69-73
H. GonshorAn application of nonstandard analysis to category75-83
M. WilhelmOn closed graph theorems in topological spaces and groups85-95
U. WilczyńskaApproximate of functions of two variables98-109
G. SkordevOn a coincidence of mappings of compact spaces in topological groups111-125
J. BurgessA reflection phenomenon in descriptive set theory127-139
J. Krasinkiewicz
P. Minc
Generalized paths and pointed l-rnovability141-153
A. Tarski
L. Szczerba
Metamathematical discussion of some affine geometries155-192
L. Szczerba
A. Prestel
Non-axiomatizability of real general affine geometry193-202
D. Marshall
A. O'Farrell
Uniform approximation by real functions203-211
G. CherlinLindenbaum algebras and model companions213-219
S. Young
M. Smith
Periodic homeomorphisms on T-like continua221-224
P. StrantzalosEigentlich operierende Gruppen von Isometrien225-232

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