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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 105

Warszawa 1979

Spis treści

A. TycBasic properties of h-regular local Noetherian rings1-15
A. TycOn h-regular grades algebras of characteristic p> 017-28
Y. Kodama
J. Ono
On fine shape theory29-39
R. RussoUniversal continua41-60
J. BourgainDecomposition in the product of a measure space and a Polish space61-71
H. Tamano
Y. Yajima
On total paracompactness and total metacompactness73-78
R. TondraHomeotopy groups of surfaces whose boundary is the union of 1-spheres79-85
T. PrzymusińskiNormality and paracompactness in finite and countable Cartesian products87-104
L. GallagherAlmost every tree function is independent105-114
K. SinghSequence of iterates of generalized contractions115-126
J. Herzog
M. Steurich
Berechnung einiger Poincaré-Reihen127-145
T. Przymusiński
E. van Douwen
Separable extensions of first countable spaces147-158
A. Das
B. Lahiri
On absolutely kth continuous functions159-169
W. Holsztyński
R. Strube
Universal maps of Cartesian products171-178
G. Reynolds
M. Rice
Weakly Borel-complete topological spaces179-185
M. NathansonClassification problems in .K-categories187-197
S. PerlmanFunctions of generalized variation199-211
S. RodabaughUpper semicontinuous decompositions of convex metric spaces213-227
L. Lipshitz
J. Becker
Remarks on the elementary theories of formal and convergent power series229-239
R. Millman
A. Stehney
Riemanntan manifolds with many Killing vector fields241-247

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