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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 106

Warszawa 1980

Spis treści

G. FeuerbacherWeakly chainable circle-like continua1-12
I. FleischerExtending a partial equivalence to a congruence and relative embeddings in universal algebras13-17
J. SchmitdOn lattices of continuous order-preserving functions19-30
H. ToruńczykOn CE-images of the Hubert cube and characterization of Q-manifolds31-40
G. BoolosProvability in arithmetic and a schema of Grzegorczyk41-45
S. WagonThe structure of precipitous ideals47-52
A. Delenau
P. Hilton
On Postnikov-true families of complexes and the Adams completion53-65
J. GerlitsContinuous functions on products of topological spaces67-75
J. NiewiarowskiDensity-preserving homeomorphisms77-87
J. Cannon
D. Wright
Slippery Cantor sets in En89-98
S. LeaderA fixed point principle for locally expansive multifunctions99-104
L. Husch
J. Stoughton
W. JakobscheThe Bing-Borsuk conjecture is stronger than the Poincaré conjecture127-134
R. PolA theorem on the weak topology of C(X) for compact scattered X135-140
R. SeymourKan fibrations in the category of simplicial spaces141-152
M. DubielGeneralized quantifiers in models of set theory153-161
M. Bell
J. van Mill
The compactness number of a compact topological space I163-173
P. ZenorHereditary m-separability and the hereditary m-Lindelöf property in product spaces and function spaces175-180
В. ФилипповО размерности произведений топологических пространств181-212
N. HowesA note on transfinite sequences213-226
J. ValentineBanach-Euclidean four-point properties227-230
J. Segal
D. Handel
On k-regular embeddings of spaces in Euclidean space231-237
K. NagamiThe equality of dimensions239-246

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