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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 107

Warszawa 1980

Spis treści

P. MincFixed points and locally connected cyclic continua in E31-20
H. TuschikOn the decidability of the theory of linear orderings with generalized quantifiers21-32
L. Bican
P. Jambor
T. Kepka
P. Němec
Prime and coprime modules33-45
W. SzmielewConcerning the order and the semi-order of n-dimensional Euclidean space47-56
J. DydakPointed and unpointed shape and pro-homotopy57-69
D. Lutzer
H. Bennett
Certain hereditary properties and metrizability in generalized ordered spaces71-84
В. Малыхин
В. Ульянов
Пространства с единственной точкой экстремальной несвязности81-98
V. KannanEvery compact T5 sequential space is Fréchet85-90
C. LandraitisLω1ω equlvalence between countable and uncountable linear orderings99-112
J. Krasinkiewicz
P. Minc
Continuous monotone docompositions of planar curves113-128
J. BourgainFσδ-section of Borel sets129-133
R. Pol
T. Šalát
On function spaces of compact subspaces of Σ-products of the real line135-143
Y. GurevichTwo notes on formalized topology145-148
J. BourgainBorel sets with Fσδ-section149-159
W. KulpaProperties of the covering type and a factorization theorem161-166
A. SkowrońskiThe category of abelian Hopf algebras167-193
J. HuntA characterization of unicoherence in terms of separating open sets195-199
J. van MillSuperextensions of metrizable continua are Hilbert cubes201-224
J. KetonenSome combinatorial properties of ultrafilters225-235
J. GreshamA class of infinite-dimensional spaces. Part II: An Extension Theorem and the theory of retracts237-245

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