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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Volume 108

Warszawa 1980


D. SprowsSubhometopy groups of the 2-sphere with n holes1-5
J. LarsonPinning for pairs of countable ordinals7-21
J. Grispolakis
E. Tychatyn
On the existence of arcs in rational curves23-26
A. GutekOn compact spaces which are locally Cantor bundles27-31
F. GalvinChain conditions and products33-48
S. NadlerContinua whose hyperspace is a product49-66
D. MarxenUniform quotiens of metric spaces67-75
W. HodgesFunctiorial uniform reducibility77-81
J. SteelAnalitic sets and Borel isomorphisms83-88
Y. Kodama
J. Ono
On fine shape theory II89-98
S. Mukhopadhyay
A. Layek
Intersection of sectorial cluster sets and directional essential cluster sets99-107
J. ChartonikContractibility and continous selections109-118
R. MańkaFixed point theorems for λ-dendroids119-128
T. PrzymusińskiProducts of perfectly normal spaces129-136
R. KnightProlongationally stable discrete flows137-144
A. LachlanSingular properties of Morley rank145-157
J. SiegelČech extensions and localization of homotopy functors159-170
L. MarcusThe number of countable models of a theory of one unary function171-181
A. BaudischThe theory of abelian p-groups with the quantifier I is decidable183-197
G. CoxLusin properties in the product space Sn199-210
K. NagamiDimension of free L-spaces211-224

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