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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 109

Warszawa 1980

Spis treści

. Kazimierz Kuratowski (1896-1980) Nécrologie
D. Coram
P. Duvall
Homotopy equivalences and mapping torus projections1-7
R. GoadAlgebraic topology for proper shape theory9-18
A. IoffeOne-to one Carathéodory representation theorem for multifunctions with uncountable values19-29
C. Di Prasco
W. Zwicker
Flipping properties and supercompact cardinals31-36
A. TaylorOn saturated sets of ideals and Ulam's problem37-53
A. SolomonHomotopy 2-regular mappings whose inverses are open 3-cells55-70
G. mohlerNeighborhoods of compacta in euclidean space71-78
H. LängerCommutative quasi-trivial superassocitive systems79-88
Z. Skupień
W. Zygmunt
On vertices and edges in maximum path-factors of a tree89-101
M. WeeseGenaralized Ehrenfeucht games103-112
K. NagamiDimension of non-normal spaces113-121
K. Borsuk
A. Gmurczyk
On homotopy types of 2-dimensional polyhedra123-142
R. PolOn a question of H.H. Corson and somerelated problems143-154
A. Krawczyk
A. Pelc
On families of δ-complete ideals155-161
O. Hadžić
L. Gajić
A fixed point theorem for multivalued mappings in topological vector spaces163-167
W. Marek
P. Zbierski
On the number of models of the Kelley-Morse theory of classes169-173
T. Przymusiński
M. Wage
Collectionwise normality and extensions of locally finite coverings175-187
C. SmoryńskiCalculating self-referential statements189-210
R. Telgársky
Y. Yajima
On order locally finite and closure-preserving covers211-216
F. FilipczakOn some Marcus problem concerning functions possessing the derivative at points of discontinuity only217-228
D. HandelSome existence and non-existence theorems for k-regular maps229-233
S. NadlerWhitney-reversible properties235-248

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