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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 110

Warszawa 1980

Spis treści

. Index alphabétique des tomes CI-CX (1978-1980)
M. MeyersonEquilateral triangles and continous curves1-9
B. Balcar
P. Simon
J. Pelant
The space of ultrafilters on N covered by nowhere dense sets11-24
R. AllenEquivariant embeddings of finite abelian group actions in euclideau space25-33
C. BassSqueezing m-cells to (m-1)-cells in En35-50
D. Lutzer
W. Fleissner
H. Bennett
Metrizability of certain Pixley-Roy spaces51-61
L. Paganoni
S. Paganoni Marzegalli
Cauchy's functional equation on semigroups63-74
J. DukarmWeakly monadic Boolean extension functors75-90
J. BurgessA measurable selection theorem91-100
A. MaitraAnalytic sets with countable sections101-106
D. SimsonOn pure semi-simple Grothendieck categories II107-116
E. Tymchatyn
J. Grispolakis
Irreducible continua with degenerate endtranches and arcwise accessibility in hyperspaces117-130
K. Kuperberg
W. Kuperberg
W. Transue
On the 2-homogeneity of Cartesian products131-134
P. MoralesTopological contraction principle135-144
G. ReedOn normality and countable paracompactness145-152
E. GrzegorekOn saturated sets of Boolean rings and Ulam's problem on sets measures153-161
K. MusiałProjective limits of perfect measure spaces163-189
D. BellamyAn interesting plane dendroid191-207
D. MaharamAn example concerning automorphisms of generalized cubes209-211
D. HelmerOn spaces admitting openly dyadic compactifications213-220
S. NadlerUniversal mappings and weakly confluent mappings221-235
. Errata Fund Math CX.1 (1980) et Fund Math CX.2 (1980)237-237

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