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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 111

Warszawa 1981

Spis treści

. Bronisław Knaster (1893-1980) Nécrologie
E. MichaelContinuous selections and countable sets1-10
D. Lutzer
W. Fleissner
H. Bennett
Ultraparacompactness in certain Pixley-Roy hyperspaces11-18
A. ForaOn some test spaces in dimension theory19-23
A. ChigogidzeOn the dimension of increments of Tychonoff spaces25-36
S. BalcerzykThe cohomological dimension of the ordered set of real numbers equals three37-44
R. JamisonThe space of maximal convex sets45-59
M. SmithPlane indecomposable continua no composant of which is accessible at more than one point61-69
B. ScottA characterization of well-orders71-76
B. GrahamOn contractible fans77-93
W. IngramHereditarily indecomposable tree-like continua, II95-106
H. KomiyaConbexity on a topological space107-113
R. FrankiewiczNon-accessible points in extremally disconnected compact spaces I115-123
J. Baumgartner
P. Komjáth
Boolean algebras in which every chain and antichain is countable125-133
A. MillerVaught's conjecture for theories of one unary operation135-141
A. OstaszewskiParacompactness in countable products via the Souslin operation143-154
Z. GrandeSur les fonctions de deux variables équicontinues par rapport à une variable155-160
C. Himmelberg
T. Parthasarathy
F. Vleck
On measurable relation161-167
C. HoOn a stabillity theorem for the fixed-point property169-177
B. HajdukMinimal m-functions179-200
E. van DouwenSpecial bases for compact metrizable spaces201-209
R. Daverman
J. Cannon
Cell-like decompositions arising from mismatched sewings: applications to 4-manifolds211-233
J. GrispolakisOn Čech cohomology and weakly confluent mappings into ANRs235-245
H. ToruńczykCharacterizing Hilbert space topology247-262

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