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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 112

Warszawa 1981

Spis treści

P. Eklof
A. Mekler
Infiniatary stationary logic and abelian groups1-15
S. ShreveBorel-approachable functions17-24
J. BourgainA stabilization property and its applications in theory of sections25-44
J. CowlesGeneralized Archimedean fields and logics with Malitz quantifiers45-59
S. RodabaughLocally starlike decompositions of separable metric spaces61-68
S. SinghToroidal decompositions of S3 and a family of 3-dimensional ANR's(AR's)69-79
M. StarbirdNull sequences cellular decompositions of S381-87
E. WagnerSequences of measurable functions89-102
R. Dickamn
H. Bell
E. Brown
E. Green
Circularity of graphs and continua: topology103-110
C. Eberhart
S. Nadler
W. Nowell
Spaces of order arcs in hyperspaces111-120
H. LängerA generalization of a theorem of Skala121-123
E. López-EscobarIntegrating intuitionistic and classical theories125-140
B. FisherSet-valued mappings on metric spaces141-145
A. BaudischThe elementary theory of Abelian groups with m-chains of pure subgroups147-157
J. MartinAbsolute fixed point sets and AR-spaces159-164
A. PelcIdeals on the real line and Ulam's problem165-170
Z. GrandeSur une propriété des fonctions de deux variables171-174
P. ZbierskiNon standard interpretations of higer order theories175-186
M. PetrichExtensions normales de demi-groupes inverses187-203
A. Prószyńskim-applications over finite fields205-214
F. DelonIndécidabilité de la théorie des anneaux de séries formelles à plusieurs indéterminées215-229
K. NagamiWeak L-structures and dimension231-240
L. Lipshitz
J. Becker
Errata to the paper "Remarks of the elemenatry theories of formal and convergent power series" Fundamenta Mathematicae 105 (1980), pp. 229-239241-241
. Errata242-242

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