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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 113

Warszawa 1981

Spis treści

G. CoxMore Lusin properties in the product space Sn1-8
Z. RatajczykA characterization of expandability of models for ZF to models for KM9-19
P. JohnstoneTychonoff's theorem without the axiom of choice21-35
B. FisherTheorems on common fixed points37-43
Z. BaloghOn the metrizability of Fpp-spaces and its relationship to the normal Moore space conjecture45-58
W. GuzickiThe equivalence of definable quantifiers in second order arithmetic59-65
G. SkordevCoincidence of maps in O-simplicial spaces67-79
S. SinghConstructing exotic retracts, factors of manifolds, and generalized manifolds via decompositions81-89
H. BotheHomogeneously wild curves and infinite knot products91-111
N. Hirano
W. Takahashi
The sets of fixed points of families of affine continuous mappings113-117
H. KatoRefinable maps in the theory of shape119-129
T. SandersA Whitehead theorem in CG-shape131-140
Y. YajimaTopological games and products I141-153
J. RaymondConvergence diffuse d'une suite de fonctions155-164
M. Bunge
G. Reyes
Boolean spectra and model completions165-173
E. ApodacaOn the simultaneous embedding of uncountably many distinct wild arcs with one wild endpoint in E3, a geometric approach175-186
P. Erdös
R. Mauldin
K. Kunen
Some additive properties of sets of real numbers187-199
T. PrzymusińskiNormality and paracompactness of Pixley-Roy hyperspaces201-219
S. HeinrichUltraproducts of L1-predual spaces221-234
S. Miklos
J. Chartonik
Local expansions on graphs235-252

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