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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 114

Warszawa 1981

Spis treści

S. GodlewskiOn components of MANR-spaces1-9
A. Boals
E. Johnson
D. Anderson
Noether lattices: Some constructions and decompositions11-16
M. Dugas
R. Göbel
Quotients of reflexive modules17-28
J. KrasinkiewiczOn pointed 1-movabillity and related notions29-52
S. MardešićApproximate polyhedra, resolutions of maps and shape fibrations53-78
S. Valenti
G. Russo
On the k-pseudo-symmetrical approximate differnetiability79-83
D. HiggsCharacteristic functions freely generate measurable functions85-90
R. PawlakOn the continuity and monotonicity of restrictions of connected functions91-107
J. DudekMedical groupoids and Mersenne numbers109-112
A. PelcSolution of a problem of Ulam on countable sequences of sets113-118
Z. RakowskiMonotone decompositions of hereditarily smooth continua119-125
L. Kirby
K. McAllon
R. Murawski
Indicators, recursive saturation and expandabillity127-139
A. FiguraCollapsing algebras and Suslin trees141-147
M. BellOn the combinotorial principle P©149-157
N. AokiA group automorphism is a factor of a direct product of a zero entropy automorphism and a Barnoulli automorphism159-171
K. AlsterA class of spaces whose Cartesian product with every hereditarily Lindelöf space in Lindelöf173-181
J. HenleThe Axiom of Determinantess and canonical measures183-194
J. Henle
W. Zwicker
On a certain prewellordering195-195
S. CzubaOn pointwise smooth dendrids197-207
M. GolasińskiHomotopies of small categories209-217
M. WilhelmCriteria of openness for relations219-228
C. Reed
K. Kuperberg
A rest point free dynamical system on R8 with uniformly bounded trajectories229-234
E. van DouwenCardinal functions on compact F-spaces and on weakly countably complete Boolean algebras235-256

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