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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 115

Warszawa 1983

Spis treści

. Karol Borsuk (1905-1982) Nécrologie
H. JunnilaSome topological consequences of the Product Measure Extension Axiom1-8
A. SuszyńskiRetracts and homotopies for multy-maps9-26
H. KotlarskiOn elementary cuts in models of arithmetic27-31
W. GriffithH*(C/B,L) for G of semi-simple rank 233-41
J. VäänänenΔ-extension and Hanf-numbers43-55
S. SinghGeneralized manifolds ANR's and AR's and null decompositions of manifolds57-73
Y. DiersCatégories multiéquationnelles75-80
J. BurgessClassical hierarchies from a modern standpoint. Part I. C-sets81-95
J. BurgessClassical hierarchies from a modern standpoint. Part II. R-sets97-105
J. Burgess
R. Lockhart
Classical hierarchies form a modern standpoint. Part III. BP-sets107-118
Z. GrandeSur les classes de Baire des fonctions de deux variables119-125
R. HodelThe number of metrizable spaces127-141
R. GoadLocal homotopy products143-154
J. JastrzębskiOn directional cluster sets155-161
A. KadolfOn the shape of pointed compact connected subsets of E3163-193
A. HäusslerDefining cardinal addition by ≤-formulas195-205
D. SprowsHomeotopy groups of punctured spheres with holes207-212
L. BoxerHyperspaces where convergence to a calm limit implies eventual shape equivalence213-222
Y. KodamaOn non compact FANR's and MANR's223-227
C. BowszycOn the components of the principal part of a manifold with a finite group action229-233
C. BowszycOn the winding number and equivariant homotopy classes of maps of manifolds with some finite group actions235-247

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