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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 116

Warszawa 1983

Spis treści

R. RubinszteinSome surgery formulae for maps into Ω∞S∞(RP∞)1-15
S. SpieżOn the fundamental dimension of the Cartesian product of compacta with the fundamental dimension 217-32
A. ApterOn a Problem of Silver33-38
S. SpieżOn a shape characterization of some two-polyhedra39-51
Д. РотеПериферическая когомологическая локальная связность53-66
G. CoxOn Proborov spaces67-72
W. JakobscheClose PL involutions of 3-manifolds which are conjugate by a small homeomorphism73-81
W. JakobscheClose PL involutions of 3-manifolds have close fixed point sets: 1-dimensional components83-91
T. McKeeValidity up to complementation in graph theory93-98
D. MundiciCompactnes=JEP in any logic99-108
M. LabbéA note on the isomorphic classification of spaces of continuous functions defined on intervals of ordinal numbers109-117
N. ShrikhandeHomotopy properties of decomposition spaces119-124
J. PairóYosida-Fukamiya's theorem for ƒ-rings125-130
L. Rubin
D. McCullough
Intersections of separators and essential submanifolds of In131-142
P. Morales
G. Fox
Extension of group-valued set functions defined on lattices143-155
D. BurkeSpaces with a primitive base and perfect mappings157-163
A. WidigerAlternative rings in which every proper right ideal is maximal165-167
R. PolOn classification of weakly infinite-dimensional compacta169-188
R. TeglárskySpaces defined by topological games, II189-207

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