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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 117

Warszawa 1983

Spis treści

M. BorowieckiA characterization of middle graphs and a matroid associated with middle graphs of hypergrapsh1-4
J. VaughanPowers of spaces of non-stationary ultrafilters5-14
A. CałkaOn locally expansive selfcoverings of compact metrizable spaces15-19
N. Aoki
M. Dateyama
The relationship between algebraic numbers and expansiveness of automorphisms on compact abelian groups21-35
K. CiesielskiOn the netweight of subspaces37-46
Y. YajimaTopological games and products, II47-60
N. RallisPeriodic points of symmetric product mappings61-66
N. BrunnenGeordnete Läuchli Kontinuen67-73
K. KunenMaximal δ-independent families75-80
W. LewisPeriodic homeomorphisms of chainable continua81-84
S. SubbiahA dense subsemigroup of S® generated by two elements85-90
R. MignoneThe axiom of determinantess implies ω2 has precisely two countably complete, uniform, weakly normal ultrafilters91-93
Y. KodamaCompactification of pointed 1-movable spaces95-101
O. KaramzadehOn the classical Krull dimension of rings103-108
R. Freese
G. Murphy
Strictly convex spheres in V-spaces108-115
A. BlassWords, free algebras, and coequalizers117-160
A. KadlofRemark on ANR-divisors161-163
P. Holický
Z. Frolik
Applications of Luzinian separation principles (non-separable case)165-185
J. Charatonik
M. Kalota
On local expansions187-203
S. SinghOn products of incompressible AR's205-207
B. SpahnA representation theorem for compact-valued multifunctions209-215
W. MitchellA note on singularities in ANR's218-221
Y. YajimaTopological games and products, III223-238

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