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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 118

Warszawa 1983

Spis treści

W. JakobscheApproximating homotopy equivalences of surfaces by homeomorphisms1-9
Z. AdamowiczPerfect set theorems for Π12 in the universe without choice11-31
B. Clark
G. Ritter
Periodic homeomorphisms on S3 and cubes with torus knotted holes33-38
F. JohnsonOn the triangulation of smooth fibre boundles39-58
J. ReitermanAlgebraic theories and varieties of functor algebras59-68
T. SandersOn approximate n-connectedness69-74
A. Mekler
H. Herre
K. Smith
Superstable graphs75-79
J. van MillCharacterization of a certain subset of the Cantor set81-91
J. van MillA boundary set for the Hilbert cube containing no arcs93-102
D. Curtis
J. van Mill
Zero-dimensional countable dense unions of Z-sets in the Hilbert cube103-108
M. Pouzet
C. Charretton
Chains in Ehrenfeucht Mostowski models109-122
K. DevlinA new construction of a kurepa tree with no Aronszajn subtree123-127
K. DevlinReduced powers of 82-trees129-134
H. SiesTopological degree and Sperner's lemma135-149
J. Walsh
D. Wilson
Mappings with l-dimensional absolute neighborhood retract fibers151-159
A. To-Ming LauAnalysis on a class of Banach algebras with applications to harmonic analysis on locally compact groups adn semigroups161-175
P. HumkeNowhere monotone functions and a problem of K.M. Garg177-181
R. KnightCompact discrete flows183-190
P. BankstonTopological extensions and subspaces of nα-sets191-199
T. MaćkowiakIndecomposable continua and the fixed point property II201-211
E. Pol
G. Gruenhage
On a construction of perfectly normal spaces and its applicatons to dimension theory213-222
W. FleissnerSquares of O sets223-231
E. Harzheim
F. Harary
The degree sets of connected infinite graphs233-236

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