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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 119

Warszawa 1983

Spis treści

A. TominagaContinua whose local homeomorphisms are homeomorphisms1-6
L. PolkowskiA sum theorem for A-weakly infinite-dimensional spaces7-10
L. PolkowskiSome theorems on inbariance of infinite dimension under open adn closed mappings11-34
K. OmiljanowskiConfluent local expansions35-39
P. MankiewiczOn Polish spaces Lipschitz universal for separable metric spaces41-48
H. Barendregt
G. Longo
Recursion theoretic operators and morphisms on numbered sets49-62
F. TinsleyMiller's theorem for cell-like embedding relations63-83
J. ChaberGeneralizations of Lašnev's theorem85-91
J. DelahayeLa suite des approximations successives dans le cas general93-99
M. VelOn the rank of a topological convexity101-132
J. Krasinkiewicz
M. Smith
Hereditarily indecomposable continua with trivial shape133-134
P. SchmittThe L'-theory of prolinite abelian groups135-150
E. Tymchatyn
L. Oversteegen
On the span of weakly-chainablecontinua151-156
Y. TanakaMetrizabillity of certain quotient space157-168
H. VogelOn a relationship between countable functionals and projective trees169-183
E. WoodruffDecomposition spaces having arbitrarily small neighborhoods with 2-sphere boundaries II185-204
A. Baudisch
H. Tuschik
D. Sesse
ω-Trees in stationary logic205-215
C. HagopianProducts of hereditarily indecomposable continua are 2-connected217-226
M. LambrouCompletely distributive latices227-240
J. Olędzki
S. Spież
Remarks on intrinsic isometries241-247
Z. Čerinp-Movably regular convergences249-268

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