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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 120

Warszawa 1984

Spis treści

V. BryantUndirected strict gammoids1-5
M. LassakConvex half-spaces7-13
M. LassakFamilies of conves sets closed under intersections, homotheties and uniting increasing sequences of sets15-40
P. KrupskiSolenoids and inverse limits of sequences of arcs with open bonding maps41-52
E. Graczyńska
F. Pastjin
A generalization of Płonka sums53-62
S. Naimpally
K. Singh
J. Whitfield
Fixed points adn nonexpansive retracts in locally convex spaces63-75
D. Ang
L. Hoa
On a fixed point theorem of Krasnoselskii and triangle contractive operators77-98
W. JarczykOn linear homogeneous functional equations in the indeterminate case99-104
C. HerladnsMaps of cotriples and a change of rings theorem105-117
O. Macedońska-NosalskaOn symmetric words in nilpotent groups119-125
N. MotohashiApproximation theory of uniqueness conditions by existence conditions127-142
B. PrzeradzkiOn the homotopical classification of DJ-mappings of infmitely dimensional spheres143-149
G. Monro
R. Hickman
Distributive partially ordered sets151-166
Z. AdamowiczAxiomatization of the forcing relation wigh an application to Peano Arithmetic167-186
J. DudekOn binary polynomials in idempotent commutative groupoids187-191
J. DudekVarieties of idempotent commutative groupoids193-204
H. KotlarskiOn elementary cuts in recursively saturated models of Peano Arithmetic205-222
L. ĆirićOn locally contractive fixed-point mappings223-228
T. MoebesWeak-chainability of tree-like continua and the combinatorial properties of mappings229-257
. Index alphabétique des tomes CXI-CXX (1981-1984)259-271

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