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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 121

Warszawa 1984

Spis treści

Z. VetulaniRamifield analysis and the minimal β-models of higher order arithmetics1-15
P. HowardBinary consistent choice on pairs and a generalization of Konig's infinity lemma17-23
J. McClendonSubopen multifunctions and selections25-30
Y. YajimaNotes on topological games31-40
G. SkordevFixed point index for open sets in euclidean spaces41-58
K. Borsuk
S. Nowak
S. Spież
Remarks on the n-dimensional geometric measure of compacta59-71
H. SchirmerFix-finite approximation of n-valued multifunctions73-80
J. ChaberA universal metacompact developable T1-space of weight m81-88
J. Kennedy PhelpsA condition under which 2-homogeneity and representability are the same in continua89-98
A. ApterA generalized version of the singular cardinals problem99-116
D. LascarRelation entre le rang U et le poids117-123
A. PillayCountable modules125-132
V. AkisFixed point theorems and almost continuity133-142
J. Brown
G. Cox
Baire category in spaces of probability measures, II143-148
K. AlsterOn Michael's problem concerning the Lindelöf property in the Cartesian products149-167
R. ShrottUniversally measurable spaces: an invariance theorem and diverse characterizations169-176
P. MoralesCorrection to my paper "Topological contraction principle" (Fundamenta Mathematicae 110 (1980), pp. 135-144)177-178
M. WocheleThe equicontinuous structure relation of a unicoherent pointtransitive flow179-188
C. DorsettConnectivity properties in hyperspaces and product spaces189-197
Z. Grande
E. Grande
Quelques remarques sur la superposition F(x,ƒ(x))199-211
M. KaufmannMutually generic classes and incompatible expansions213-218
J. van Mill
E. Wattel
Orderability form selections: Another solution to the orderability problem219-229
G. Gordh
E. Vought
Monotone decompositions of hereditarily unicoherent continua via set functions and quasi-orders231-238
K. SchillingOn absolutely Δ12 operations239-250
R. PolOn Borel-measurable collections of countable-dimensional sets251-261

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