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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 122

Warszawa 1984

Spis treści

S. Kapoor
D. Burns
P. Ostrand
On line-symmetric graphs1-21
V. SrivatsaExistence of measurableselectors and parametrizations for Gδ-valued multifunctions23-32
D. GeorgeHomology with models33-45
J. Olędzki
S. Spież
On embedding curves in two-dimensional polyhedra47-55
M. KaufmannOn expandability of models of arithmetic and set theory to models of weak second-order theories57-60
J. CharatonikSmooth dendroids without ordinary points61-70
D. Dubois
T. Recio
A note on Robinson's non-negativity criterion71-76
W. SanderApplications of certain R-families77-84
S. Nadler
J. Goodykoontz
Fixed point sets of continuum-values mappings85-103
M. SobolewskiChainable continua and homeomorphisms of the plane onto itself105-106
M. VelDimension of convex hyperspaces107-127
W. LuxemburgOn universal infinite-dimensional spaces129-147
A. PiołunowiczOn the ◊ principle149-157
E. Tymchatyn
L. Oversteegen
On span and weakly chainable continua159-174
J. ChaberOn d-paracompactness and related properties175-186
J. MichalskiOn the category of n-groups187-197
G. Bachman
M. Szeto
On strongly measure replete lattices and the general Wallman remainder199-217
A. PrószyńskiForms and mappings. I: Generalities219-235
L. Mohler
L. Oversteegen
A hereditarily indecomposable, hereditarily non-chainable planar tree-like continuum237-246
J. ChaberAnother universal metacompact developable T1-space of weight m247-253
J. van MillA uniquely homogeneous space need not be a topological group255-264

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