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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 123

Warszawa 1984

Spis treści

A. PelcCombinatorics on σ-algebras and problem of Banach1-9
M. MagidorFree products of n-groups11-20
W. BulaOn metrizability of continuous images of compact ordered spaces21-27
Y. YajimaOn Σ-products of Σ-spaces29-37
J. NikielOn dendroids and their ramification points in the classical sense39-46
D. WilczyńskiFixed point free equivariant homotopy classes47-60
N. NhuRemarks on characterization of dimension of separable metrizable spaces61-69
T. MaćkowiakExtension theorem for a pseudo-arc71-79
Z. AdamowiczA generalization of Shoenfield theorem on Σ12 sets81-90
Z. AdamowiczContinuous relations and generalized Gδ sets91-107
Z. GrandeSur le maximum approxximatif109-115
Z. KarnoOn indecomposable subcontinua of surfaces117-122
R. KossakL∞∞1-elementary equivalence of ω1-like models of PA123-131
M. ParmenterExact covering systems for groups133-136
E. Tymchatyn
L. Oversteegen
On span and chainable continua137-149
D. Normann
E. Griffor
Effective cofinalities and admissibility in E-recursion151-161
T. McKeeRelative expressiveness of the edge/adjacency language for graph theory163-167
S. StefanovMapping theorems for compacta with an arbitrary involution169-185
K. HartAlmost-n-fully normal spaces187-196
P. JohnstoneAlmost maximal ideals197-209
R. ShorttMinimal complementation and maximal conjugation for partitions, with an application to Blackwell sets211-223

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