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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 125

Warszawa 1985

Spis treści

K. Ciesielski
A. Pelc
Extensions of invariant measures on Euclidean spaces1-10
G. Huckabay
W. Metzler
Über den Homotopietyp von Linsenraumprodukten11-22
M. MisiurewiczEmbedding inverse limits interval maps as attractors23-40
P. Borst
J. Dijkstra
Essential mappings and transfinite dimension41-45
M. BellGeneralized dyadic spaces47-58
G. KrzykowskiOn the transformers of the Zahorski classes of functions59-70
M. ValdiviaProducts of Baire topological vector spaces71-80
A. WaśkoExtensions of functions from products with compact or metric factors81-88
H. ToruńczykA correction of two papers concerning Hilbert manifolds89-93
S. Nowak
S. Spież
Remarks on deformability95-103
S. NowakSome extension and classification theorems for maps of movable spaces105-113
A. Pelc
K. Prikry
On the existance of measures on σ-algebras115-123
S. Kapoor
D. Burns
P. Ostrand
Uniquely edge extendible graphs125-131
J. Pelant
A. Hohti
On complexity of metric spaces133-142
J. van Mill
J. Dijkstra
Fake topological Hilbert spaces and characterizations of dimension in terms of neglibility143-153
J. BarbanelAn ordering of normal ultrafiltres155-165
W. Wilczyński
W. Poreda
E. Wagner-Bojakowska
A category analogue of the density topology167-173
S. SinghExotic ANR's via null decompositions of Hilbert cube manifolds175-183
R. AllenErrata to the paper "Equivariant embeddings of finite abelian group action in euclidean space" Fundamenta Mathematicae 110 (1980), pp. 25-33185-185
L. RybińskiOn Carathéodory type selections187-193
P. MrozikChapman's category isomorphism for arbitrary Ars195-208
T. OhnoOn the Baire order problem for a linear lattice of functions209-216
V. LiemPolyhedral-shape concordance implying homeomorphic complements217-230
K. CiesielskiL-space without any uncountable 0-dimensiolan subspace231-235
H. ToruńczykFinite-to-one restrictions of continuous functions237-249

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