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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 126

Warszawa 1986

Spis treści

Z. GrandeQuelques remarques sur la semi-continuité supérieure1-13
B. Przeradzki
W. Kryszewski
The topological degree and fixed points of DC-mappings15-26
T. NowickiOn some dynamical properties of S-unimodal maps on an interval27-43
V. TrnkováHomeomorphisms of products of Boolean separable spaces45-61
R. FrankiewiczSome remarks on embeddings of Boolean algebras and topological spaces63-68
R. SrzednickiOn rest points of dynamical systems69-81
H. SchirmerA minimum theorem for n-valued multifunctions83-92
G. DebsStratégies gagnantes dans certains jeux topologiques93-105
L. Mohler
L. Oversteegen
Reduction and irreducibility for words and tree-words107-121
V. Liem
G. mohler
Stable shape concordance implies homeomorphic complements123-131
Y. HattoriOn special metrics characterizing topological properties133-145
G. Cherlin
M. Dickmann
Real closed rings, I. Residue rings of rings of continuous functions147-183
M. Nadel
V. Harnik
J. Stavi
The structure of ω1-like orderings185-199
H. TanakaNormality and hereditary countable paracompactness of Pixley-Roy hyperspaces201-208
I. Juhász
Z. Szentmiklóssy
Increasing strengthenings of cardinal function inequalities209-216
R. Göbel
S. Shelah
Modules over arbitrary domains II217-243
W. BulaParacompactness in the class of closed images of GO-spaces245-251
L. HeindorfStrongly retractive Boolean algebras253-259
G. GruenhageOn a Corson space of Todorčević261-268
V. Klee
E. Maluta
C. Zanco
Tiling with smooth and rotund tiles269-290

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