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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 127

Warszawa 1987

Spis treści

S. KaulContinuous and discrete flows and the property of ch0+-1-7
R. Shortt
K. Bhaskara Rao
Generalized Lusin sets with the Blackwell property9-39
J. O'FarrellConstruction of a Hurewicz metric space whose square is not a Hurewicz space41-43
B. Dahn
P. Göring
Notes on exponential-logarithmic terms45-50
J. VilímovskýUniform quotients of metrizable spaces51-55
A. BlassPrime ideals yield almost maximal ideals57-66
J. Paris
A. Wilkie
Counting Δ0 sets67-76
A. CałkaOn locally nonexpansive mappings and local isometries77-99
W. RosickiOn a problem of S. Ulam concerning Cartesian squares of 2-dimensional polyhedra101-125
S. PlewikOn completely Ramsey sets127-132
S. Shelah
U. Abraham
R. Solovay
Squares with diamonds and Souslin trees with special squares133-162
P. CloteA note on the Mac Dowell-Specker theorem163-170
P. Nyikos
K. Ciesielski
Cylinder problem171-176
T. MaćkowiakTerminal continua and the homogeneity177-186
A. DawidowiczSpherical maps187-196
S. SpieżThe Hurewicz and Whitehead theorems with compact carriers197-212
S. Mardešić
S. Antonian
Equivariant shape213-224
T. BartoszyńskiCombinatorial aspects of measure and category225-239
K. AlsterOn the product of a perfect paracompact space and a countable product of scattered paracompact spaces241-246
A. Gutièrrez
S. Romaguera
A note on a paper of J.A. Guthric and M. Henry247-248

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