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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 128

Warszawa 1987

Spis treści

R. O'MalleyThe multiple intersection property for path derivatives1-6
H. SchirmerFix-finite and fixed point free approximations of symmetric product maps7-13
V. FarmakiThe structure of Eberlein, uniformly Eberlein and Talagrand compact spaces in Σ(R)г15-28
D. RossAutomorphisms of the Loeb algebra29-36
Y. HattoriOn characterizations of classes of metrizable spaces that have transfinite dimension37-46
S. NowakOn the relationships between shape properties of subcompacta of S'' and homotopy properties of their complements47-59
G. PicavetRévêtements étales61-65
G. HuckHomotopieǎquivalenzen zwischen Produkten aus dreidimensionalen Linsenräumen67-90
T. McKeeDual properties within graph theory91-97
A. Bešlagić
K. Chiba
Normality of product spaces99-112
C. JohnsonMore on distributive ideals113-130
K. MillettGeneric properties of proper foliations131-138
A. Fraenkel
M. Berger
A. Felzenbaum
Remark on the multiplicity of a partition of a group into cosets139-144
G. Reyes
L. Moerdijk
N. Quê
Forcing smooth square roots and integration145-158
H. BeckerPointwise limits of subsequences and Σ12-sets159-170
K. Kunen
R. Frankiewicz
Solution of Kuratowski's problem on function having the Baire property, I171-180
D. CarrPxλ partition relations181-195
D. CarrA note on the λ-Shelah property197-198
B. Benninghofen
M. Richter
A general theory of superinfinitesimals199-215

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