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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 129

Warszawa 1988

Spis treści

P. WelchCoding that preserves Ramseyness1-7
H. Kotlarski
R. Kossak
Results on automorphisms of recursively saturated models of PA9-15
D. Fremlin
A. Miller
On some properties of Hurewicz, Menger, and Rothberger17-33
P. Zbierski
K. Kunen
R. Frankiewicz
On inhomogenity of products of compact F-spaces35-38
J. AartsThe structure of orbits in dynamical systems39-58
E. PolResiduality of the set of embeddings into Nagata's n-dimensional universal spaces59-66
J. MariniezOn a class of topological spaces with a Scott sentence69-81
J. WalshMarczewski sets, measure and the Baire property83-89
J. NikielImages of arcs — a nonseparable version of the Hahn-Mazurkiewicz theorem91-120
R. MańkaOn irreducibility and indecomposability of continua121-131
K. AlsterOn the class of all spaces of weight not greater than ω1 whose Cartesian product with every Lindelöf space is Lindelöf133-140
J. RoitmanCorrection to: Adding a random or a Cohen real: topological consequences and the effect on Martin's axiom141-141
H. KatoWhitney continua of graphs admit all homotopy types of compact connected ANRs161-166
Z. GrandeSur la quasi-continuité et la quasi-continuité approximative167-172
P. Zbierski
R. Frankiewicz
Strongly discrete subsets in ω*173-180
G. Denk
W. Metzler
Nielsen reduction in free groups with operators181-197
G. DebsEspaces héréditairement de Baire199-206
D. Curtis
S. Miklos
Nonexistence of local expansions on certain continua207-210
R. HunterOn infinite words and dimension raising homomorphisms211-214
C. JohnsonOn saturated ideals and Ρκλ215-221
J. Steprans
S. Watson
Destroying precaliber N1: an application of a lemma for closed sets223-229
Z. AdamowiczA recursion theoretic characterization of instances of ΒΣη provable in Пn+1(N)231-236
. Errata237-237

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