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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 130

Warszawa 1988

Spis treści

P. BorstClassification of weakly infinite-dimensional spaces. Part I: A transfinite extension of the covering dimension1-25
R. ShorttMaximally conjugate sigma-algebras represented as hypergraphs27-49
J. BellSome propositions equivalent to the Sikorski Extension Theorem for Boolean algebras51-55
A. IllanesCells and cubes in hyperspaces57-65
T. McKeeDualizing cubic graph theory67-72
P. BorstClassification of weakly infinite-dimensional spaces. Part II: Essential mappings73-99
J. KlimekA resolution of the square of a determinantal ideal associated to a symmetric matrix101-111
D. NollTopological spaces with a linear basis113-123
S. Eilenberg
E. Dyer
Globalizing fibrations by schedules125-136
J. TrussConnections between different amoeba algebras137-155
. Errata156-156
W. JakobscheApproximating homotopy equivalences of 3-manifolds by homeomorphisras157-168
A. Skowroński
M. Dembiński
P. Dowbor
On indecomposable representations of quivers with zero-relations169-180
M. Kula
L. Szczepanik
K. Szymiczek
Quadratic form schemes and quaternionic schemes181-190
Z. RatajczykA combinatorial analysis of functions provably recursive in ΙΣn191-213
A. SzücsMultiple points of singular maps, Part II215-224
D. MarkerAn analytic equivalence relation not arising from a Polish group action225-228
P. IsazaRepresentability of V[h] as intersection of d-bounded variation classes229-236
. Alphabetic index of Volumes 121-130 (1984-1988)237-250

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