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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 131

Warszawa 1988

Spis treści

M. LaczkovichVon Neumann's paradox with translations1-12
W. Ingram
J. Davis
An atriodic tree-like continuum with positive span which admits a monotone mapping to a chainable continuum13-24
T. KimuraSolution to a compactification problem of Sklyarenko25-33
P. MatetOn diamond sequences35-44
A. Makler
S. Shelah
Diamond and l-systems45-51
J. Aarts
M. Martens
Flows on one-dimensional spaces53-67
W. Comfort
G. Baloglou
Compact-covering numbers69-82
A. Rooij
W. Schilchof
On derivatives of functions defined on disconnected sets, I83-92
A. RooijOn derivatives of functions defined on disconnected sets, II93-102
J. GrabowskiFree subgroups of difleomorphism groups103-121
E. LuftEquivariant surgery on essential annuli and Moebius bands in 3-manifolds with respect to involutions123-142
K. Baron
P. Volkmann
On the Cauchy equation modulo Z143-148
J. KrasinkiewiczHomotopy separators and mappings into cubes149-154
E. PolCharacterizing strong countable-dimensionality in terms of Baire category155-165
S. IliadisRational spaces and the property of universality167-184
J. OlędzkiOn symmetric products185-190
S. Mukhopadhyay
D. Sain
On functions of bounded nth variation191-208
J. CobbTwo examples concerning small intrinsic isometries209-213
J. Vaughan
P. Simon
J. Pelant
The smallest number of free closed filters215-221
J. Raymond
A. Louveau
Les propriétés de réduction et de norme pour les classes de Boréliens223-243
H. KatoOn local l-connectedness of Whitney continua245-253
K. MuthuvelInfinite products of alephs255-256
M. HarrisClifford theory for p-sections of finite groups257-264

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