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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 132

Warszawa 1989

Spis treści

B. Brechner
E. Tymchatyn
J. Mayer
Inaccessibility, essential maps, and shape theory1-23
H. PatkowskaOn 1/2-homogeneous ANR spaces25-58
W. JustThe space (ω*)π+1 is not always a continuous image of (ω*)n59-72
R. CautySur le nombre de côtés d'une sous-variété73-88
A. ChigogidzeTrivial bundles and near-homeomorphisms89-98
R. O'MalleyThe second Peano derivative as a composite derivative99-103
D. WrightBing-Whitehead Cantor sets105-116
A. Skowroński
J. Nehring
Polynomial growth trivial extensions of simply connected algebras117-134
J. Steprans
S. Shelah
Non-trivial horneomorphisms of ßNN without the continuum hypothesis135-141
J. MycielskiThe Banach-Tarski paradox for the hyperbolic plane143-149
E. BlochSimplexwise linear and piecewise linear near self-homeomorphisms of surfaces151-162
N. KemotoSubparacompactness in locally nice spaces163-169
J. BarbanelFlipping properties and huge cardinals171-188
Z. Adamowicz
T. Bigorajska
Functions provably total in I-S1189-194
J. Extremiana
L. Hernández
M. Rivas
An isomorphism theorem of Hurewicz type in the proper homotopy category195-214
M. MisiurewiczJumps of entropy in one dimension215-226
W. PałubaThe Lipschitz condition for the conjugacies of Feigenbaum-like mappings227-258

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