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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 133

Warszawa 1989

Spis treści

W. SzczechlaInverse limits of certain interval mappings as attractors in two dimensions1-23
L. MossExistence and nonexistence of universal graphs25-37
P. EhrlichAbsolutely saturated models39-46
W. DziobiakFinitely generated congruence distributive quasivarieties of algebras47-57
K. KunenRigid P-spaces59-65
W. SeidelSupports of Borel measures67-80
Z. RatajczykFunctions provably total in I-Ση81-95
R. BielawskiA selection theorem for open-graph multifunctions97-100
L. LovelandWhen a subset of En locally lies on a sphere101-112
P. ZakrzewskiThe existence of universal invariant measures on large sets113-124
J. NikielLocally connected curves viewed as inverse limits125-134
A. TaylorSeparating collections135-145
A. KisielewiczOn algebras with bases of different cardinalities147-153
F. Destrempes
A. Sengupta
Configurations of points in sets of positive measure and in Baire sets of second category155-159
T. Carlson
R. Laver
Sacks reals and Martin's axiom161-168
P. Howard
M. Yorke
Definitions of finite169-177
M. MrozekIndex pairs and the fixed point index for semidynamical systems with discrete time179-194
W. MarciszewskiOn a classification of pointwise compact sets of the first Baire class functions195-209
K. SzymiczekGeneralized Hubert fields, II211-223
V. Laguna
J. Sanjurjo
Shape morphisms and spaces of approximative maps225-235
L. Rubin
D. McCullough
Some m-dimensional compacta admitting a dense set of imbeddings into R2m237-245
J. KrasinkiewiczImbeddings into Rn and dimension of products247-253
I. RecławOn small sets in the sense of measure and category255-260

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