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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 134

Warszawa 1990

Spis treści

R. Dobreńko
Z. Kucharski
On the generalization of the Nielsen number1-14
N. MarmaridisOne point extensions of trees and quadratic forms15-35
Z. SunFinite coverings of groups37-53
P. MrozikFinite-dimensional complement theorems in shape theory and their relation to S-duality55-72
S. Mardešić
J. Segal
Mapping approximate inverse systems of compacta73-91
H. SchirmerA fixed point index for bimaps93-104
S. Spieżimbeddings in R2m of m-dimensional compacta with dim(ХхХ)<2т105-115
P. DanielsSeparation in sequential spaces under PMEA117-123
T. HyttinenModel theory for infinite quantifier languages125-142
L. NewelskiA proof of Saffe's conjecture143-155
B. KirchheimOn sets of points of semicontinuity in fine topologies generated by an ideal157-170
R. Bennett
J. Chaber
Weak covering properties and the class MOBI171-182
J. JezierskiThe Nielsen product formula for coincidences183-212
J. Krasinkiewicz
Z. Karno
On some famous examples in dimension theory213-220
R. CautySur le'prolongement des fonctions dans les complexes simpliciaux infinis221-245
K. Baron
P. Kannappan
On the Pexider difference247-254
N. KemotoThe shrinking property and the B-property in ordered spaces255-261

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