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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 136

Warszawa 1990

Spis treści

L. Mohler
L. Oversteegen
On hereditarily decomposable hereditarily equivalent non-metric continua1-12
G. GibbonIntersection properties of partitions of a cardinal13-20
L. NewelskiMore on locally atomic models21-26
R. MańkaOn the additivity of the fixed point property for 1-dimensional continua27-36
H. KatoThe nonexistence of expansive homeomorphisms of dendroids37-43
R. Wong
K. Sakai
N. Nhu
Spaces of retractions which are homeomorphic to Hubert space45-52
W. RosickiOn decomposition of 3-polyhedra into a Cartesian product53-63
H. Sarbadhikari
S. Sirvastava
Random theorems in topology65-72
P. LoustaunauA splitting theorem for F-products73-83
P. PudlákA note on bounded arithmetic85-89
D. Simson
B. Klemp
On the Auslander-Reiten valued quiver of right peak rings91-114
J. Pelant
A. Hohti
On supercomplete uniform spaces IV: Countable products115-120
A. HohtiOn supercomplete uniform spaces V: Tamano's product problem121-125
R. PolAn n-dimensional compactum which remains n-dimensional after removing all Cantor n-manifolds127-131
Z. AdamowiczEnd-extending models of Id0 + exp + ΒΣ1133-145
R. FokkinkThere arc uncountably many homeomorphism types of orbits in flows147-156
M. Erné
R. Kopperman
Natural continuity space structures on dual Heyting algebras157-177
J. BrownThe Ramsey sets and related sigma algebras and ideals179-185
J. Baumgartner
P. Zbierski
R. Frankiewicz
Embedding of Boolean algebras in Ρ(ω)/fin187-192
G. ShermanOn bounded paradoxical subsets of the plane193-196

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