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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Volume 137

Warszawa 1991


H. SchirmerThe least number of fixed points of bimaps1-8
J. BarbanelMaking the hugeness of и resurrectable after и-directed closed forcing9-24
J. Groot
J. Baars
On the l-equivalence of metric spaces25-43
M. Misiurewicz
K. Ziemian
Rotation sets and ergodic measures for torus homeomorphisms45-52
J. Mycielski
W. Reinhardt
J. Malitz
The Axiom of Choice, the Löwenheim-Skolem Theorem and Borel models53-58
N. KemotoThe shrinking property of products of cardinals59-63
Z. LeszczyńskiOn the representation type of triangular matrix algebras over special algebras65-80
W. JakobscheHomogeneous cohomology manifolds which are inverse limits81-95
Z. KarnoOn to-essential mappings onto manifolds97-105
M. HailatDecomposition of special Jacobi sets107-113
D. SimsonPeak reductions and waist reflection functors115-144
. Errata145-145
K. Kawamura
J. Prajs
Another application of the Effros theorem to the pseudo-arc147-155
W. JakobscheZp-cohomology manifold with no Zp-resolution157-159
M. KatzOn neighborhoods of the Kuratowski imbedding beyond the first extrémům of the diameter functional161-175
J. de la PeñaFunctors preserving tameness177-185
J. VäänänenA Cantor-Bendixson theorem for the space ωω11187-199
H. KatoOn expansiveness of shift homeomorphisms of inverse limits of graphs201-210

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