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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 138

Warszawa 1991

Spis treści

A. SorbiComparing П°2 sets of the Baire space by means of general recursive operators1-12
M. Foreman
F. Wehrung
The Hahn-Banach theorem implies the existence of a non-Lebesgue measurable set13-19
J. PawlikowskiThe Hahn-Banach theorem implies the Banach-Tarski paradox21-22
S. PlewikIdeals of the second category23-26
K. SakaiThe space of Lipschitz maps from a compactum to an absolute neighborhood LIP extensor27-34
R. CautyCaractérisation topologique de l'espace des fonctions dérivablуs35-58
N. KemotoCollectionwise Hausdorffnуss at limit cardinals59-67
G. Reed
P. Moody
A. Roscoe
P. Collins
A lattice of conditions on topological spaces II69-81
E. López-EscobarFormalizing a non-linear Henkin quantifier93-101
K. MazurF-ideals and ω1 ω*1-gaps in the Boolean algebras Ρ (ω)/I.103-111
D. SimsonA splitting theorem for multipeak path algebras113-137
E. Tymchatyn
J. Nikiel
Sets of end-points and ramification points in dendroids139-146
B. GarayStrong cellularity and global asymptotic stability147-154
P. Loustaunau
R. Levy
J. Shapiro
The prime spectrum of an infinite product of copies of Z155-164
J. Jędrzejewski
J. Jastrzębski
T. Natkaniec
On some subclasses of Darboux functions165-173
K. KawamuraSome productive classes of maps which arc related to confluent maps175-191
S. ÖnalPower stability of k-spaces and compactness193-195
A. KuciaScorza Dragoni type theorems197-203
G. ŚwiątekCircle homeomorphisms with flat critical points205-217
X. ZhangNonintegral boundary-slopes exist219-224
P. DanielsNormal k'-spaces are consistently collectionwise normal225-234

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