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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 139

Warszawa 1991

Spis treści

E. Vought
V. Nall
Partial confluence of maps onto graphs and inverse limits of single graphs1-7
D. FremlinOn the average of inner and outer measures9-15
M. FrantzOn Sierpiński's nonmeasurable set17-22
R. CautyLes fonctions continues et les fonctions intégrables au sens de Riemann comme sous-espaces de L123-36
R. PolA converse to a theorem of K. Kuratowski on parametrizations of compacta on the Cantor set37-47
H. KutoExpansive homeomorphisms and indecomposability49-57
T. NatkaniecOn compositions and products of almost continuous functions59-74
M. Giraudet
F. Lucas
Groupes à moitié ordonnés75-89
Y. YonezawaOn f.p.p. and f.* p.p. of some not locally connected continua91-98
J. DaunsTorsion free types99-117
O. SpinasLinear topologies on sesquilinear spaces of uncountable dimension119-132
A. Apter
J. Henle
Relative consistency results via strong compactness133-149
. Errata150-150
G. ShermanMinimal paradoxical decomposition for Mycielski's square151-165
P. Zbierski
R. Frankiewicz
On a theorem of Baumgartner and Weese167-175
M. PenconekOn nonparadoxical sets177-191
J. Aarts
R. Fokkink
On composants of the bucket handle193-208
G. SpiliopoulosA note on continuous linear mappings between function spaces209-213
B. KaufmannTopics on analytic sets215-229

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