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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 140

Warszawa 1991

Spis treści

J. SłomińskaHecke structure on Bredon cohomology1-30
A. Skowroński
M. Wenderlich
A characterization of representation-finite algebras31-34
W. OlszewskiOn D-dimension of metrizable spaces35-48
R. CautyUn exemple d'ensembles absorbants non équivalents49-61
S. NgA new proof of Kelley's Theorem63-67
E. Tymchatyn
W. Dębski
Composant-like decompositions69-78
L. Larson
K. Ciesielski
Category theorems concerning Z-density continuous functions79-85
L. Zajíček
J. Malý
Approximate differentiation: Jarník points87-97
J. JezierskiThe semi-index product formula99-120
J. JezierskiThe coincidence Nielsen number for maps into real projective spaces121-136
C. Ash
J. Knight
Relatively recursive expansions137-155
A. IllanesA characterization of dendroids by the n-connectedness of the Whitney levels157-174
M. Magidor
Q. Feng
On reflection of stationary sets175-181
R. Barua
V. Srivatsa
Definable hereditary families in the projective hierarchy183-189
P. WongOn the computation of the Nielsen numbers and the converse of the Lefschetz coincidence theorem191-196
J. Mycielski
W. Reinhardt
J. Malitz
Erratum to the paper "The Axion of Choice, the Löwenheim–Skolem Theorem and Borel models" (Fund. Math. 137 (1991), 53-58)197-197
M. HolmesThe universal separable metric space of Urysohn and isometric embeddings thereof in Вanach spaces199-223
P. BorstOn weakly infinite-dimensional subspuees225-235
B. Kirchheim
T. Natkaniec
Exceptional directions for Sierpiński's nonmeasurable sets237-245
I. RuzsaA concavity property for the measure of product sets in groups247-254
S. WuClassification of self-dual torsion-free LCA groups255-278
B. MichaelSome refinements of a selection theorem with O-dimensional domain279-287
. Index of Volumes 131–140 (1988–1992)289-302

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