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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 141

Warszawa 1992

Spis treści

Z. RatajczykArithmetical transfinite induction and hierarchies of functions1-20
P. Nyikos
A. Dow
Representing free Boolean algebras21-30
H. SchirmerNielsen theory of transversal fixed point sets (with an appendix: C°° and C0 fixed point sets are the same, by R. E. Greene)31-59
J. BarnettWeak variants of Martin's Axiom61-73
R. Mauldin
S. Jackson
Some complexity results in topology and analysis75-83
J. BrownContinuous-, derivative-, and differentiable-restrictions of measurable functions85-95
P. WongCorrections to "On the computation of the Nielsen numbers and the converse of the Lefschetz coincidence theoremi" (Fund. Math. 140 (1992), 191–196)97-99
P. Simon
S. Watson
Open subspaces of countable dense homogeneous spaces101-108
S. Iliadis
S. Zafiridou
Planar rational compacta and universality109-118
C. UzcáteguiThe covering property for σ-ideals of compact, sets119-146
B. GüntherThe Vietoris system in strong shape and strong homology147-168
S. KahaneOpérations de Hausdorff itérées et réunions croissantes de compacts169-194
R. CautySur deux espaces de fonctions non dérivables195-214
G. GromadzkiOn soluble groups of automorphisms of nonorientable Klein surfaces215-227
M. MorayneAlgebras of Borel measurable functions229-242
S. Nadler
T. West
Size levels for arcs243-255
T. Retta
C. Bandt
Topological spaces admitting a unique fractal structure257-268
J. Mioduszewski
W. Dębski
J. Heath
Exactly two-to-one maps from continua onto some tree-like continua269-276
W. DębskiTwo-to-one maps on solenoids and Knaster continua277-285
R. Jin
S. Shelah
Planting Kurepa trees and killing Jech-Кunen trees in a model by using one inaccessible cardinal287-296
N. NhuCorrections to my paper "Investigating the ANR-property of metric spaces" (Fund. Math. 124 (1984), 243-254)297-297

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