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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 142

Warszawa 1993

Spis treści

H. MildenbergA rigid Boolean algebra that admits the elimination of Q211-18
W. Dziobiak
K. Adaricheva
V. Gorbunov
Finite atomistic lattices that can be represented as lattices of quasivarieties19-43
T. NowickiSome dynamical properties of S-unimodal maps45-57
A. Skowroński
I. Assem
On tame repetitive algebras59-84
K. CiesielskiLinear subspace of Rl without dense totally disconnected subsets85-88
G. GruenhagePartitions of compact Hausdorff spaces89-100
C. BessagaOn linear operators and functors extending pseudometrics101-122
G. ShermanMeasure extension for a piecewise invariant map123-137
H. PatkowskaOn the LC1-spaces which are Cantor or arcwise homogeneous139-146
C. Ash
J. Knight
T. Slaman
Relatively recursive expansions II147-161
J. BarbanelSome variations on the partition property for normal ultrafilters on Pkl163-171
J. van Mill
H. Gladdines
Hyperspaces of Peano continua of euclidean spaces173-188
A. SternConstruction of sentences with specific interpretability properties189-200
S. SertözA triple intersection theorem for the varieties SO(n)/Pd201-220
W. Comfort
I. Remus
Imposing psendocompact group topologies on Abeliau groups221-240
S. MardešićOn approximate inverse systems and resolutions241-255
T. Miyamotoωι-Sonslin trees under countable support iterations257-261
M. Morayne
J. Cichoń
An abstract version of Sierpiński's theorem and the algebra generated by A and CA functions263-268
R. Cauty
W. Marciszewski
T. Dobrowolski
A contribution to the topological classification of the spaces Ср(X)269-301

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